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New Image Gallery

New image gallery now online.

Site Design Change

Announcement of changes to the site design.

Using Rsync to Deploy Hugo

A supplement to the information provided on the Hugo site for deploying your site using rsync.

Switching Hyper-V On and Off Using Boot Options

A method to switch Hyper-V Services on and off by setting up multiple boot options and a script to select them, allowing other hypervisors (e.g. Virtualbox) to run with a simple reboot.

Welcome to ZMT Creative

An introduction to what this site is about.

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ZMT Creative LLC is a small design firm located in Central Florida. We publish this blog and will (soon) be providing a range of freely available media, including images, clip art and audio. All material provided on this site is either owned by ZMT Creative LLC or licensed for use by the content owners (or is otherwise free for re-use, where indicated).