Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use images on this site for my own web pages? 

Except where indicated otherwise, images on this web site are the property of ZMT Creative LLC, or are properly licensed for use by ZMT Creative LLC.

By default, images owned by ZMT Creative LLC may not be used for commercial purposes (e.g. in online or print material for marketing, advertising, promotions or any other commercial activity that generates revenue). If you are running a business website or you run a personal website that generates revenue from online sales or advertising, that is considered “commercial use” and using ZMT Creative LLC images is not permitted (without prior written permission).

All ZMT Creative logos are owned by ZMT Creative LLC and may not be used by any other entity without the express written permission of ZMT Creative LLC.

You may use images from this site for non-commercial uses with attribution (e.g. placing an attribution link in the image caption, on an “attribution” page on your personal website or placing an attribute watermark on the image).

These terms are subject to change.

Why do you not allow comments on your site? 

The ZMT Creative Blog was created to provide a publishing medium for articles, tutorials, reviews and just about any other content I might like to make available on the web. Due to the often caustic nature of online forums and social media, plus the regulatory requirements regarding privacy and protecting user data, I opted not to include any commenting mechanism for this site.

Do you accept contract work? 

Not at this time. ZMT Creative and this website exist solely for the purpose of creating content in-house for distribution on this website.